MJT Designs does not post photos from BMX Races online. We do however keep all images from the past 5 months with us at current races. Please be sure to take a moment at the races to look thru the proof books. If you do not wish to make an order at the races please make a note of the image number and the book number for ordering at a later date.

Sundays at the races are NUTS!!! To ensure your order is ready quickly try to place your order before Sunday or early on Sunday. We do ship images if requested or if you need to leave before images are ready.


For reorders, we keep ALL order forms on file forever. We also keep all images on DVD forever. You can reorder by simply telling us the race location and the name the original order was placed under. It's as simple as that!

Keychain $5 / 8.5x11 Photo $20 / 8.5x11 BMXer Cover $30 / 13x19 BMXer Cover $40 / 13x19 Poster $30 / 20x30 Poster $55 / 24x36 Poster $75 / Apron $25 / License Plate $25 / Tote Bag $25 / T-Shirt $25 / Long Sleeved $30 / Sweatshirt $40 / Hoodie $45

Picture Packages:
Pkg A = (2) 5x7's $25 / Pkg B = (8) Wallets $25 / Pkg C = (1) 5x7 & (2) 3.5x5's / Pkg D (1) 5x7 & (4) Wallets $25.

If you order any of our shirts, all images are printed on white. If you want another color, it's an additional $2.